Why You Should Avoid Products with Parabens

Why You Should Avoid Products with Parabens

You would think that all cosmetic products are great for your skin, but is that really so? The reality is that you don't need to be a dermatologist to know that some products are not as good as others. Just by reading the label of your shampoo, body lotion, or moisturizer, you can tell if it is worth using or not. And while our concern for what we eat, wear, or use in our homes is increasing, our interest in what products for skincare we use should also increase. More than you might think, caring about the health of our skin will always be closely linked to caring about the future of our planet. As a result, we would like to talk to you today about parabens, how they affect you, and why you should avoid products with parabens. 

But what are parabens?

Parabens are preservatives often included in cosmetics and other personal care items. They are usually used in products with high water content to inhibit microbes from developing and extend product shelf life. The molecular structure of parabens, also known as esterified para-hydroxybenzoic acids, inspired their names. A paraben is composed of a benzene ring bonded at carbons 1 and 4, usually known as the "p" or "para" position. The prefixes indicate the length and structure of the hydrocarbon chain attached to the ester group in the forms, which are methyl-, ethyl-, propyl-, butyl-, isopropyl-, and isobutylparaben. Most of the parabens used in cosmetic products are synthetic rather than natural. They are related to natural phenolic compounds, yet manufactured parabens are not.

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One of the main reasons you should avoid products with parabens is because they are synthetic compounds.

Why do producers put parabens in skincare products?

Skincare products manufacturers use parabens in their products primarily due to their preservation function. At the same time, parabens can also inhibit mold from developing and keep bacteria at bay. Parabens have been added to cosmetics since the 1930s and are still quite popular. However, those who are concerned about their health and are ecologically responsible know better than to use products that contain parabens. They prefer to use natural and environmentally friendly products to care for their skin, and it is all for good reasons. Keep reading to see what the risks associated with using parabens are. 

What are the risks of using products that contain parabens?

First, you should know that your skin will absorb and deposit parabens in your body. Then, you should know that those deposits have long-term effects on your health. Here are some examples of conditions you are exposing yourself to if you use products that contain parabens:

  • Disruption of your endocrine system. Some EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) studies have linked parabens with hormonal disorders. How? Parabens can imitate estrogen hormones and bind to the receptors that produce them. As a result, they disrupt hormone production and endanger your health. High estrogen levels have been related to breast cancer, as they enhance cancer cell division and feed tumors. And because parabens imitate estrogen, they can cause girls to reach puberty prematurely and at an accelerated rate.
  • Irritation of the skin. Parabens can be especially harmful to people with skin conditions and cause allergic responses in young children. If you already have allergies, you should avoid products with parabens as they can cause or aggravate skin conditions such as dermatitis.
  • Infertility. This problem is more common in males who use paraben-containing products. They have decreased testosterone levels and more sperm that is irregularly shaped and moves slowly. At the same time, women are also exposing themselves to infertility by using products with parabens. Women with higher paraben levels have fewer antral follicles, resulting in smaller chances of getting pregnant.

Aside from the health dangers of parabens, their use is also related to environmental issues. Parabens enter surface and groundwater after rinsing down the drain, build over time and affect ecosystems. Moreover, parabens pose a health risk not just to people but also to aquatic life. They cause reproductive and behavioral abnormalities in fish and weaken their immune systems

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Products with parabens won’t cure your skin problems but can actually aggravate them.

Stop using parabens ASAP!

Never, ever take marketing and advertisements as being truthful. Greenwashing is a common practice nowadays. But with so much information available, it's simple to educate ourselves on the ingredients listed on the labels of our cosmetic products. As a result, when buying a product, always read the label carefully. Also, clear out your medicine cabinet of toiletries, cosmetic products, and any other products you already have that contain parabens, especially if you are changing homes. Not only are they harmful to you, but there is no point in carrying them with you to your new home. Relocating to a new home is a new beginning for you, so it can also be a new beginning for your skincare routine. 

What are the alternatives to paraben skincare products?

Many cosmetic producers have begun to use replacements for parabens. And this news couldn't make us happier, as we believe that wellness starts with the ingredients you put in your skincare products. Therefore, when you want to be sure you are buying good products, look for ingredients such as beeswax, vitamin C, or vitamin E. They are all-natural preservatives and healthier alternatives to parabens. You can find all of them in Emollient products as we take skin care and your health seriously. Furthermore, Emollient products are cruelty-free, alcohol-free, and don't contain any fillers. As a result, as long as you have healthy alternatives to harmful cosmetics, you can always avoid using products that contain parabens. 

A person mixing some beeswax in a bowl.

There are always alternatives to products that use parabens. You just need to read the labels.

Show your skin some love

You'd never consume altered food now, would you? So, why would you feed your skin with toxic products? Show your skin some love and avoid products with parabens and other chemicals that might harm it. If you properly feed and care for it, it will reward you over time and keep you looking youthful and healthy. Not to mention that you will help save our planet and preserve it for future generations by using natural products. 



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