6 Ways to Take Care of Your Skin in Summer

 Summer is just around the corner, which means it's almost time for beach fun, sunny weather, pool parties, and vacations. It also means a new skincare routine. Summertime can take a toll on our skin more than you know. Longer days and hot or humid weather will have a different effect on our skin than colder winter days. That's why it's up to us to do everything to protect our skin and give it the healthy glow it deserves. Of course, skincare is a personal thing, and it varies from person to person. So, we carefully curated the list of six ways to take care of your skin in summer that everybody can use! So, let's see what steps you should take in your skincare routine this summer.

Go easy on your skin

You're not wearing all that winter layers, so why should your skin? No, going easy on your skincare does not imply abandoning your routine! It means adjusting it to different weather conditions such as heat or humidity. For example, if you use stronger, oil-based cleansers, switching to a lighter alternative, such as a foamy one, might be a better option. Your skin needs to breathe! Never forget that.

Additionally, one thing you must keep in mind is being careful while using photoactive chemicals. When these substances are exposed to sunlight, they make your skin more sun-sensitive or make the product less effective. So, pay attention to the ingredients in your products and inform yourself about how to use them properly. 

Moisturizer is your BFF 

We're tempted to forego moisturizer during the hot summer months since we tend to get greasy and sweat more. However, this does not benefit our skin. In reality, it merely exacerbates the situation. Our skin is already stressed, and now we're depriving it of nutrients and a layer of protection from pollution, inflammation, and dryness.

Furthermore, the excessive summer heat can dry your skin, so keep it hydrated throughout the season. If your skin becomes oily, it might be an indication that it is dehydrated. To defend itself from drying out, your body will increase the production of an oily substance called sebum. This is another good reason to take care of your skin in summer properly.

The same goes for your whole body. If you want it to be glowy, it needs to be hydrated regularly. Emollient has 100% natural body butter for every type of skin that draws and retains moisture on your skin. So, apply it immediately after you have dried off from your shower. You must lock in the moisture that your body has just absorbed.


You know the one rule in real estate that you simply must follow: location, location, location. When it comes to summertime (or any time) and your skincare, it's SPF, SPF, SPF.

Therefore, sunscreen should be used all day, every day, all year round. This is especially important in the summer with longer days and stronger UV rays. Sunscreen helps to reduce UV damage such as wrinkles, spots, and other aging indicators. More significantly, it lowers your chance of developing skin cancers and precancers. So, remember to use sunscreen and be safe!

Even on gloomy days, our skin is vulnerable to the sun's rays, which can eventually lead to skin cancer, discoloration, and wrinkles. So, don't be lazy, and remember that sunscreen is your best friend. In addition, your skin will be even and smooth if you use sunscreen.

It is also crucial to remember that sunscreen must be reapplied every couple of hours, so bring extra sunscreen for long summer days outside!

This step is crucial if you work out, especially in the sun. You spend a couple of hours out in the open with the sun shining right at you. Therefore, don't skip this step if you want to protect your skin adequately during workout sessions. And don't forget, both pre and post-workout skin care is essential. So, we recommend sunscreen before, and a good cleanse after.  

Don't forget to exfoliate 

The key to avoiding severe outbreaks during the summer is to thoroughly cleanse your face of all the oil, sweat, dead skin cells, and sunscreen that builds during the day. This is where gentle exfoliation comes in handy. Of course, that doesn't imply you should exfoliate every day but gradually increase the number of days you exfoliate every week. To clear up clogged pores and eliminate oils that cause acne, we recommend alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) pads. They have a lovely feel and are relaxing on tired summer skin.

Avoid heavy makeup

If you want to properly take care of your skin in summer, you need to avoid heavy makeup. Consider alternatives to adjust your makeup if the summer months are really hot or you sweat a lot. In this case, lighter is better. So, substitute your foundation for a tinted moisturizer and a drop of concealer. In addition, consider using waterproof mascara and stocking up on setting spray. Above all, read the labels carefully and choose non-comedogenic products. They are free of pore-clogging chemicals, which is great for your skin!

You might, for example, use a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer because foundation prevents your skin from breathing and might make you feel hot and sticky. The fewer layers you have on your face during summer, the better!

Hydration is key 

Hydration is essential for both your health and your skin. So, drink plenty of water to transform a sweaty mess with a healthy glow. Strive for eight glasses of water every day. If you spend your days in the sun, then drink ten. Remember one thing - hydrated skin is happy skin!

Water is vital and not just for keeping your skin lovely and complexion immaculate. More importantly, water assists your body in maintaining a normal temperature. It safeguards your spinal cord and other delicate tissues. After all, water keeps you alive, especially on hot days. Therefore, drink it even if you don't feel thirsty!

The takeaway 

Our skincare routine changes with every season. This is something we need to accept. Summertime is when most breakouts can happen, so we need to take extra care of our skin. With all that strong sunlight, sweat, grease, and dead skin, we need to focus and give our skin the best possible treatment. We gave you six ways to take care of your skin in summer. These are the most critical steps in your skincare routine that you cannot miss if you want that healthy glow. So, remember one thing - good skincare, good life!

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