Is there a way that I may add 1,000,000 stars to the rating? My Emollient is by far the best skin applicant that I’ve ever used! I am 47 years old and tried hundreds of lotions, oils and butters by other companies and either it was too oily or only worked for a couple of seconds. My skin was either dry or irritated after. My Emollient is a stand alone product. It feels like the owner made it with love. I wonder if that’s the key ingredient? Thank you My Emollient for making my skin feel healthy! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Greg Cameron

I highly recommend these products. They are natural and smell amazing.

Walquidia Pimentel

My emollient is a lovely product! It keeps my skin moisturized and smelling great all day. It’s non greasy and absorbs beautifully. I will definitely purchase again.

Ollicia Clark

I love me some Emollient ! It has a nice feel to it. It smells really nice and goes on smoothly. I enjoyed this body butter in the winter when my body needs extra moisture .But you don’t need to constantly be reapplying as it instantly feels mega soothing._YA

Yves Frantz Aubry

Amazing product that keeps my skin moist and healthy with a natural feel to it. Love it!

Demosthenes Goodrum

I'm a handyman who constantly washes my hands and uses hand sanitizer which dries my hands. My Emollient Butter has been the greatest thing to me since sliced bread. My hands look and feels normal. I love my Emollient butter

Evolve - Jake fan

I absolutely love my emollient body butter. Unlike traditional lotions, it provides my skin with enough moisture and shine to last the entire day. It is also gentle enough to use on children. It is one of my skincare must haves.

Rusheena Bartlett

My skincare experience using My Emollient butter products, continues to be phenomenal! I began using the products in 2020 and have been in love with them ever since. I have purchased the almond, sensitive, antibacterial and peppermint butters so far. I am amazed how My Emollient butter hydrates my skin and gives my skin an overall healthy glow. The butters are rich and smooth in content. I especially use the peppermint butter at least 4 times a week, after showering from my rigorous workout sessions with my fitness coach and training partners. The peppermint butter natural ingredients infuses into my muscles, which ultimately gives me a therapeutic and overall relaxed feeling. I highly recommend the My Emollient butter products which contains, vitamins, antioxidants and other natural ingredients created with love and care. If you are looking for an authentic, heathy and therapeutic skincare regiment, this product is an A+!

Alicia Cotten

The peppermint Body Butter is amazingly great for post workout soreness,especially after a long run or leg extensions.

Frederica Lovelace

"I've purchased this product many times over the past year, and I love it- especially for the Spring, Summer and Fall months. Since childhood my skin has always been on the drier side and I also have occasional flare ups of ezema. The sensitive skin formula does wonders for my skin, and I love smell! I also enjoy the antibacterial formula for my feet, it leaves them hydrated and smooth."

Erica W

I would recommend My Emollient to anyone looking for smooth soft skin. It’s also works great on removing stretch marks.

Shirley Beckford

"My Emollient the word says it all. It keeps moisture to your skin. It is non greasy and absorbs beautifully on your body. The soft scent keeps your skin smooth and smells GREAT. I have been using the Shea body butter Almond and Vanilla as well as the Sensitive for a year now and Loving it. After showering from my workout sessions applying Shea butter leaves me relax and feeling Awsome. Highly recommend it."

Tamara Harris

This product is amazing! It makes my skin feel smooth and soft like a baby's bottom! It doesn't take much to apply like other lotions or creams. My skin feels fresh and healthy🙌👌🏽

Luann Parker

Love My Emollient. The glow it adds to my skin and moisture is priceless. A really great product - money well spent!

Michelle Webb

Love love love ❤️ a little goes a long way. Normally my skin is on the dry side, but since using this product my husband has mentioned my skin has a new glow. Not to mention how hydrated my skin feel. I have gifted this product to friends and family. Love all the scents but my favorite is the Almond and Vanilla. Very happy customer.

Susan Jarrell

"A friend of mine gave me two jars of the Body butter a small Lavender and a Large Almond and Vanilla. I use the product daily and just love the way by skins feels and looks. Amazing !"


Really love this product! I’ve always had eczema and I had this tough spot on a very visible part of my head for the past few years. I’ve tried a lot of other products that either showed no results or were excessively greasy and oily. My emollient body butter was literally life changing! My eczema spot disappeared after a few weeks of use and the product is not oily feeling at all. Definitely recommend this product for anyone in a constant battling with eczema!

Angelia Lin

I love my Almond & Vanilla body butter! This is one of the best products I've ever used. I highly recommend My Emollient to anyone looking for a quality natural product

Daryl Wright

I adore this Peppermint body butter! The texture is so thick and creamy, you need the smallest amount. For a mint addict like myself it’s perfect, icy fresh but with a hint of woody sweetness. Leaves my skin feeling strokeably soft and nourished. I highly recommend!

Hannah Rose

My Emollient is an Amazing product that's very hydrating,light weight and doesn't leave residue on my sheets or clothing.:) A plus is the Founder's story how this product was created. I highly recommend!

Kathyann Powell

"I love the product, my best friend gifted me a jar of Almond Vanilla Butter and a jar of Lavender Butter. I use it daily, I love the texture and it makes my skin glow. The makes a beautiful gift. Thank you!"


My Emollient Butter is the definition of QUALITY!!!

Kamptary Williams

My Emollient Butter is the definition of QUALITY!!!

Chelsea Burrell

Had the pleasure of meeting Keeshagaye at an event in DC, and so glad I did because her products are amazing!! Your skin will feel so soft and smooth with the lavender body butter. Good for your skin and the planet? You can’t beat it. Makes a wonderful gift for the special ladies in your life too.

Brittany Smyth

Love this brand! Never have had a body butter that felt so good!

Ava Czyzewski

Omg!!! This has been hands down the best product for my skin. I have had eczema my entire life that has flared up quite a bit as of late. Since using this product my skin has felt wonderful and I think it is helping my eczema as I have literally had no rashes since using this product. In addition to feeling like butter and luxury it smells wonderful, I will be buying this product for a long time.

Sonja White

I absolutely love the body butter and immediately became my favorite. My skin is so smooth and soft after using without a greasy feeling. The quality is amazing, long lasting, and smells fantastic. The body butter has become part of my daily routine.

Jessica Parlemont

So, I kept seeing a friend post this product and decided to support, even if I didn’t like the product. I have eczema and stay away from most products, just to avoid any potential skin reactions. There was a cream called Sensitive Skin Butter that I figured I’d give a try. It came pretty quickly, in nice packaging, and when I screwed off the top, the smell was amazing. The texture was just right. Not too think, and not too light. Who would have thunk? I use it daily, and will probably be in need of a second order in about a month. Emollient has quickly become my new favorite thing! I love it!

Neil “On Track” Folkes

The creme applies onto the skin great. I apply it on after bathing and washing my hands to keep my skin moisturized. Lastly, it reminds me of cocoa butter. Support black entrepreneurs and their worthy products.