6 Reasons Why Men Need a Skincare Routine

6 Reasons Why Men Need a Skincare Routine

Women are by far the most lavish spenders in the skincare sector. However, a good skincare routine may benefit everyone, including men. Good skincare is essential for everyone, which is why these lotions and creams are much more than cosmetics. Men must wash and moisturize their skin to preserve its health and integrity. Also, using SPF regularly is essential for decreasing the signs of aging and preventing skin cancer. So, why do so many men avoid skincare? The reasons can be many, from less product advertising to lack of time or pure misinformation. That is why we want to do our part in educating people about skincare and compiled a list of reasons men need a skincare routine. Continue reading to learn why cosmetics are essential in a man's bathroom cabinet.

  1. Men can have sensitive skin too

Pollution particles, germs, and grime may harm your skin for the rest of your life, especially if you have sensitive skin. Also, men who shave their beards need to know they are hurting the top layer of their skin and thus should maintain it properly. That implies you'll need at least one moisturizing lotion over the upcoming days. At the same time, dirt, and textile particles from your clothes and bedding, can also clog pores and cause acne if not addressed correctly. That means you should clean your face regularly and moisturize it often. You can look for more natural alternatives if you don't believe the drugstore options or think they're too pushy for you.

Man trying to shave his facial hair

 One of the reasons why men need a skincare routine is that they can also have sensitive skin, especially after shaving.

  • Men’s have much oilier skin

    The production of an oil known as sebum differs significantly between men's and women's skin. After adolescence, men produce much more sebum than women. Increased testosterone levels cause this excess sebum. And although sebum helps to keep your skin looking fresh, it may sometimes cause issues. Therefore, men are more likely than women to have blocked pores, blackheads, and breakouts due to excess sebum. They are also more likely to have noticeably oily or glossy skin, which can be uncomfortable.

    • Men can also get wrinkles

      Men's skin is around twenty percent thicker than women's. This increased thickness allows men's skin to endure the environmental stress thrown at it daily. The extra moisture it contains also helps prevent dry skin as they age. Furthermore, face wrinkling occurs differently because men’s skin texture is rougher and more rigid due to a thicker outer skin layer. However, while aging may occur later in male skin, they are prone to deeper wrinkles once they age. As a result, men can use a bit of help with collagen production and protection. Vitamin A can boost collagen formation, and sunscreen is necessary for shielding newly created collagen from the sun's harmful rays. So men do need a skincare routine if they want to look good even in their 60s.

      Person with expression wrinkles on their face.

      Wrinkles don’t distinguish between sexes. Therefore, man can have wrinkles just as well.

      • Men have facial hair

        One of the most noticeable distinctions between men and women is facial hair. These hair follicles allow men to grow a beard if they desire one, but they also assist in preventing wrinkles and keeping the structure of their faces in place. Having these hair follicles, however, also affects skincare requirements. For example, shaving increases the likelihood of your skin becoming itchy, scratchy, and dry. Shaving also exfoliates your skin by scraping away dead skin. Therefore, if you don't have a good skincare routine and neglect the importance of hydration and moisturizing, it can impact your skin and cause blocked pores and ingrown hairs. 

        • A man’s skin needs more soothing

          As previously mentioned, men’s facial skin can get sensitive to environmental conditions, as shaving causes irritation and inflammation. The burning sensation that follows may be quite painful and unpleasant. As a result, using treatments that soothe the skin is essential. Several choices are available today to help calm dry, red, and irritated skin. For instance, some men use aloe products, a natural therapy for wounds and inflammations. Others use various oils or calming sheet masks. However, if the discomfort occurs frequently, we recommend seeing a dermatologist.

          Shaving set with body butter

           Because of shaving, men need to soothe their skin more often.

          • All skin needs deep cleansing

            We've been told since childhood that we should wash our hands often. But no one ever explained that the face also gets dirty quickly. Cleaning it with merely warm water is insufficient. However, don't even think of washing your face with shower gel or shampoo, as many men admit they are doing. It may be highly damaging to your skin, and the consequences can be challenging to overcome.


            Instead, everyone, regardless of gender, should have a face soap or cleanser suited for their skin type. Washing your face with a product that meets the demands of your skin type is essential. Our pores are readily blocked. Dust, filth, cosmetics, and sweat clog them, making the skin look unhealthy. Clogged pores can only be cleared by thoroughly washing your face with a suitable, high-quality product. So ditch that soap bar on your sink and start looking for better cleansing products.

            What do men need for a good skincare routine?

            All products, from face wash to night creams, should be less greasy and lighter on the skin unless atopic dermatitis or other dry skin issues are present. In this case, skincare should be rich in Ceramides and other moisturizing components. And, because most men like to keep their skincare routine easy and fuss-free, we advise using a face wash and Emollient moisturizing butter during the day and a cream with hyaluronic acid at night. At the same time, ensure to have an SPF cream at hand, especially during the summer. A shave tonic can also help reinvigorate your skin after shaving, while shaving cream makes shaving more comfortable by hydrating the skin.

            Final words

            Men are becoming more conscious of how their skin looks and ages, which is why men need a skincare routine and skin care products designed specifically for male skin types. Also, they must choose products appropriate for their skin type that fit into their daily skincare routine. We guarantee you will age with grace if you follow these simple rules.




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