Stretch Mark Diminisher

Stretch marks are normal but it's ok to want to do something about it. 

Emollient is rich in Vitamin A to improve the elasticity of the skin while boosting collagen production to diminish the appearance of stretch marks.

Vitamin A boosts your skin’s collagen production, which in time causes your stretch marks to fade, thus making it a potent ingredient in the treatment.

Key ingredients have the ability to help the skin retain its normal structure of epithelium cells and nerve cells, which also reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

Emollient will not only improve the texture of your stretch marks but also the overall pigmentation of the skin. Our formula is rich in antioxidants to help promote cell regeneration.
Consistency is key, vigorously rub Emollient on the affected areas twice a day.
"I don't have a single stretch mark from my pregnancy so far all because I use this Luxurious body butter. I even use the sensitive skin one on my kids daily." Rivka
"I have been using this butter over a year and I can barely see my stretch marks, I am no longer self conscious of them when I go to the beach now. LOVE!" Tanisha

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