Mental Health Awareness Month - My Emollient

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. This topic is very important me, many of you may not know that I have struggled with panic disorder and anxiety. The stigma that surrounds mental illness makes it difficult for some people to seek treatment and help. Many of us see mental illness as a sign of weakness. 

It was an honor to a sponsor and be a part of Dashiki Diaries Mental Health Workshop.

After taking many, many trips to various ERs for a panic attack, I decided to get help. It may take many different approaches, find the treatment and support that is right for you. I took the spiritual, traditional and holistic approach.

I pray, do acupuncture, talk therapy, exercise, proper diet, and lots of self care and self love! It's an ongoing process, I have been doing this over 10 years now and am in a very comfortable place. 

With proper treatment and support you can overcome this. Please see the link below on how to support a loved one suffering with mental illness.

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