How to Build a Skincare Routine for Beginners

The health of your skin is as important as your overall health. When you treat it with care, the results are long-lasting. For those of you who are new to skincare, you must be wondering where to start. The tips in this guide are everything you need to build a skincare routine that will benefit your body and face!   

Pay a visit to a dermatologist

Online reviews are helpful and informative. However, one visit to a dermatologist can save you plenty of time (and money), especially if you have acne-prone skin or struggle with other specific skin conditions. Only a licensed professional can give proper advice regarding problematic skin. So, make sure to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Know your skin type

The dermatologist will tell you your skin type and what ingredients are perfect. For instance, normal skin will accept most products. Dry skin will ask for more. Regarding sensitive skin, products with non-abrasive ingredients are to be considered. Rest assured; it won’t take long to learn what products are best for your skin.

Build a skincare routine with these products

These are the staple products that make a basic skincare routine:

  • Cleanser- Go with a mild gel cleanser. Use it in the morning and evening.
  • Moisturizer - Start with a moisturizer with simple ingredients. Avoid those packed with actives until you get more skincare savvy. 
  • SPF - The truth is that UV rays affect us year-round. So before you go outside, make sure to apply a generous amount of SPF creme on your face and neck.
  • Body butter or body milk - Body care is also a critical segment of your skincare routine. If you want smooth and supple skin, invest in vitamin-rich body butters or body milk.
a woman showing you how to build a skincare routine

                   Build a skincare routine with products for your skin type.

Additional products

These products aren’t mandatory but can improve your skin texture and quality.

  • Serum - Serum can have multiple purposes. It can additionally hydrate your skin (hyaluronic acid), treat redness (vitamin C), or even out your complexion. Apply it before a moisturizer.
  • Exfoliants - Facial exfoliants come in granules or in liquid form. On the other hand, body exfoliants are rougher. It’s enough to use both facial and body exfoliants once a week to remove dead skin cells.
  • Face masks - Applying a face mask once a week can rejuvenate your skin.
  • Body oils - Additional body care that adds extra moisture.


The difference between Winter and Summer skincare

Skin is more prone to dryness during cold days. Therefore, winter moisturizers must have a thicker consistency. In addition, it would be good if it contained antioxidants (vitamins A, C, and E.) and avocado oils for better moisture retention. For body care, go with lotions and butters without fillers and are concentrated like My Emollient.


In summer, you can replace rich and dense facial skincare products with a gel-like consistency. Gel moisturizers are quick to absorb. They keep your face moisturized and nourished without clogging pores. So, make sure to apply your gel moisturizer as soon as you cleanse your face. Also, don’t forget SPF! It’s an important step of your skincare routine year-round.


Research different brands

When you know which skincare brand has what your skin needs, you won’t spend too much time at a cosmetic store. There are also various brands that stick to fragrance-free formulas in case that’s what you prefer.  However, make sure to learn about at least a few brands that are equally good. This way, you’ll expand your choices.


Body butter for dry skin
Don’t forget to add body butter to your skincare routine.


Skincare isn’t expensive

You’ll be surprised to know that skincare is much more affordable than you think! Many high-end moisturizers and serums cost a fortune, primarily due to marketing. Finding a quality drugstore brand that does an equally good job is possible. That said, you don’t need products that cost an average monthly rent to have the skin you desire. Also, you don’t need an entire cabinet of different products to have healthy and glowing skin. Skin overwhelmed with too many layers of different products is likely to break out.


Take care of your skin even on your busiest days

A hectic schedule often makes people forget to take care of their skin. Therefore, set the alarm, or write a reminder in your planner. This especially applies to relocation periods. Since you’ll be spending plenty of time packing and dealing with organizational stuff, you’ll constantly be on the move. So, make sure not to go to bed before you wash all the dirt and dead cells from your face and body.


Also, pick sanitized storage units, as recommended by moving experts at Brooklyn Movers New York. Wear protective gloves while packing for the move, and use hand sanitizer. This way, you’ll minimize the adverse effects on your skin, no matter if it’s normal or sensitive. Also, don’t forget to apply an SPF creme, no matter if you’re moving in summer or winter.


Extra tips to support your skincare routine

Here’s how to make sure your skincare routine works for your skin even better:

  • Clean bedsheets and pillowcases are a must.
  • What you eat also reflects on your skin. Fiber and protein-rich food, as well as essential vitamins and minerals, contribute to smooth and firm skin. If you struggle with a specific skin condition (hormonal acne, for instance), make sure to lay low with sugary foods.
  • There isn’t a skincare product that will compensate for dehydration. Make sure to drink enough water during the day to maintain glowing skin and bodily functions.


three women having fun with skincare products

Skincare can be fun!


It doesn’t take long to build a skincare routine if you’re a beginner. The process becomes much more fun when you learn about your skin type and what ingredients suit it best. There isn’t a universal product that works wonders on everyone’s skin, which is why it’s important to stick to those that suit you. The market is filled with products for every possible skin type out there, so be sure you can easily find what you need.


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